Thanks to everyone who voted in this month’s Previews poll. A Devil and Her Love Song (Viz) and Durarara!! (Yen Press) pretty much tied, and plenty of people suggested that Devil is something I should read even without the prompting of democracy, so I’ll just go for both. I love it when a plan comes together, and when a plan falls apart in interesting and useful ways.

Speaking of plans, Alexander (Manga Widget) Hoffman is gearing up for the next Manga Moveable Feast. This installment focuses on the work of Natsume Ono. I believe I may have expressed a fondness for her work once or twice. I’ll have to check my files.

And, on the subject of Manga Moveable Feasts, I like it when the events cast a spotlight on a specific creator like Rumiko Takahashi and Fumi Yoshinaga. So, for this week’s random question, I’ll ask which mangaka you’d like to see at the center of a future feast?

Osamu Tezuka seems like an ideal candidate, because so much of his work has been licensed and translated and lots of it comes in affordable, one-volume chunks. I kind of suspect that his individual works are so different and dense that it might take a month-long feast to cover everything. Yuu Watase would offer a reasonable amount of variety, but some of her series are so very, very long that it might pose a barrier to participation. I’d actually really enjoy a Junko Mizuno feast, since she’s such a distinctive artist, and it might poke Last Gasp into publishing another volume of Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu, because I loved the first volume like I would my own emotionally disturbed child.




  1. I’m gonna have to go with one that probably does’nt have a snow ball’s chance in Hell but here goes… I nominate Suehiro Maruo the twisted mastermind behind Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak and Ultra-Gash Inferno probally will never happen but I think it’d be intresting to get diffrent persepctives on his work.

  2. There aren’t that many mangaka with many different titles out in English. And of those that have, many are the kind that I really can’t see many bloggers getting excited about (think Arina Tanemura and Natsume Ando). Yuu Watase’s a good idea. Personally I’d love to see Hiromu Arakawa get the spotlight but since there’s only two titles of hers, I think a MMF on FMA is a better bet. Why it hasn’t happened yet baffles me.

    I nominate CLAMP.

  3. I would say Shiina Takashi, but none of his stuff has been licensed.

    Oh! I know! Natsume Ono! Wait…

    Well, he may not be what the Movable Feast usually does, but Hiro Mashima does have enough series licensed in the states to do a week dedicated to him. Or maybe Tite Kubo, with the amount of argument online over the quality of his manga I’d be interested to see what the Feast has to say about him.

  4. I’d vote for Takehiko Inoue, but I’m biased ‘cos Anna of Manga Report and I are going to cohost an MMF dedicated to him next June. And of course I love Yumi Tamura, but Basara is long with some hard-to-find volumes, and Chicago and Wild Com. are both very short.

    Some creators—like Chika Shiomi and You Higuri—have multiple complete series out in English but I don’t know whether they’d be deemed MMF-worthy.

  5. As straightforward as it is, I think a Tezuka MMF would be fun as Tezuka’s works are extremely diverse and could be viewed from many angles. Plus, I’ve been sitting on an essay about how Phoenix: Future changed my life for a while, so…
    Also, I don’t know if this is possible, but what about an Anime Moveable Feast? I’ve found that even the least anime-watching manga fans seem to have one or two favorites, and it might be fun to mix things up a bit!

  6. I think a CLAMP MMF could be interesting, and there’s a lot of material to work with (and no shortage of varying opinions about their work).

  7. I think a MMF on the artwork of Takeshi Obata could be fun. you could compare the work he has done for different writers, or how the tone of the manga affects the style (Hikaru no Go vs. Death Note; Death Note vs. Bakuman). And if you are discussing the art, you could probably look at stuff that hasn’t been translated yet.