Year 24 Group links

I’m always bemoaning the lack of information available about the Year 24 Group, or Magnificent ’49ers, so I thought I’d collect a list of links to what is out there. Please feel free to send any suggestions to me at DavidPWelsh at Yahoo dot Com. This will obviously be one of those “as time permits” projects, with intermittent updates.

At Wikipedia:

Year 24 Group entry
Yasuko Aoike bio
Moto Hagio bio
Riyoko Ikeda bio
Yumiko Ōshima bio
Keiko Takemiya bio
Ryoko Yamagishi bio

Official web sites:

Yasuko Aoike
Riyoko Ikeda


Moto Hagio (The Comics Journal)
Keiko Takemiya (CSU Chico)
Keiko Takemiya (
Keiko Takemiya (The Star of Malaysia)
Pictures from celebration Moto Hagio’s 40th anniversary as a manga-ka

Works available in English:

A, A¹, by Moto Hagio (Viz, out of print)
Andromeda Stories, by Keiko Takemiya (Vertical)
Four Shojo Stories, by Moto Hagio, Keiko Nishi, and Shio Saito (Viz, out of print)
From Eroica With Love, by Yasuko Aoike (CMX)
The Rose of Versailles, by Riyoko Ikeda (excerpt in Frederik L. Schodt’s Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics)
To Terra…, by Keiko Takemiya (Vertical)

Other references: