Sexy Voice & Robo MMF

This page will serve as a running listing of the post from the Manga Moveable Feast focused on Iou Kuroda’s Sexy Voice and Robo (Viz).


  • Garrett Albright of Yen Plus Info!
  • Brigid Alverson of MangaBlog
  • Matt Blind of Rocket Bomber
  • Christopher Butcher of Comics212
  • Kate Dacey of The Manga Critic
  • Erica Friedman of Okazu
  • Hisui and Narutaki of Reverse Thieves
  • Sam Kusek of Manga Recon
  • Ogiue Maniax review from 2008
  • Sadie Mattox of Extremely Graphic
  • Ed Sizemore of Manga Worth Reading
  • Michelle Smith of Soliloquy in Blue
  • Tangognat
  • David Welsh on “Touch Blue Sky”
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