Birthday book: GoGo Monster

The Comics Reporter reminds us that today is the amazingly talented Taiyo Matsumoto’s birthday. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend that you mark the occasion by reading his GoGo Monster (Viz). I reviewed the book in this Flipped column:

“Beyond his marvelous illustrations and elliptical storytelling, the fascinating thing about Matsumoto’s work is his ability to make me root for undesirable outcomes. In Tekkonkinkreet, I found myself hoping that its protagonists would accept the futility of their fight for Treasure Town, that they would cut their losses. In GoGo Monster, I found myself siding with the forces of conformity. Admirable as Yuki’s sense of self is, and enviable as his immunity to social pressure may be, I still was persuaded by Matsumoto’s argument for a healthy, happy Yuki, even if it resulted in a less interesting, less special Yuki.”

It’s a great, great book, as is Tekkonkinkreet (Viz).

I’m still hoping that Viz will take another crack at Matsumoto’s No. 5. I think Blue Spring is still in print. Christopher (Comics212) Butcher posted a wonderfully thorough round-up of Matsumoto’s work and adaptations of it.

What’s your favorite Matsumoto title?