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We’re in a phase when there’s more occasion for license requests than license news, so it seems appropriate to take a break and celebrate some very exciting announcements. Leave it to Vertical to keep giving manga fans reasons for joy.

Now, how did I go through all those license requests without ever hitting upon Moyoco (Hataraki Man) Anno’s Sakuran? Looking back, the one-volume title from Kodansha’s Evening received only a scant mention in The Seinen Alphabet. Let’s pretend that I’ve been begging for it all along, because it certainly feels like a request fulfilled.

Once upon a time, Viz published Osamu Tezuka’s Adolf. Vertical will pull the title from limbo under the title Message to Adolf. It’s a seinen murdery mystery set in pre-World War II Germany featuring a bunch of guys named Adolf, including the obvious. Crazy Tezuka noir and a license rescue all in one joyous package!

For our wild-card entry, Vertical offers the two-volume 5 Centimeters Per Second, Yukiko Seike’s adaptation of Makoto Shinkai’s animated motion picture. Under normal circumstances, an adaptation of this nature isn’t an especially promising prospect. This case is slightly different, as it ran in Kodansha’s Afternoon, which is a reliable source of quality, often ambitious manga (though not as reliable as Kodansha’s Morning). There’s also Vertical’s taste level to consider: 7 Billion Needles was one of the most pleasantly surprising unknown quantities of the last couple of years, so there’s no reason this should be different. Plus, that cover positively oozes mono no aware. (Could it just be Ed Chavez’s plot to have vertical dominate the numerical entry in The Favorites Alphabet? I wouldn’t put it past him.)





  1. Oh man, super psyched for Adolf! But I have a slight problem that I have 2-5 of the Cadence in English and 1 in German, so I can’t exactly just replace it, I’ll end up replacing the whole thing cus I love Vertical! Not sure what to do here, since I dislike having duplicates, gah! Or do I wait and see if Cadence 1 becomes uber cheap as a result of this….decisions decisions!

  2. Glad to see Adolf coming back (though I’m not sure I need to replace my Viz edition).

    Based on the wikipedia description of the anime 5 Centimeters Per Second sounds interesting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  3. Hooray! The missing volumes of Adolf will be mine! Thanks, Vertical.

  4. Yes! Sakuran in English! This is a dream come true, such a great series. I hope they keep the color pages because they are really beautiful.


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