Fruits Basket MMF: Wednesday links

As I continue to examine the popularity-contest finalists, Sean (A Case Suitable for Treatment) Gaffney continues to delve into the Sohmas who inspire a mixed reaction. Today’s subject is snarky little smartypants Hiro:

A lot of characters get introductions in Fruits Basket that don’t show off their best side – Kyo, Kagura, Rin – but Hiro’s entire introductory chapter seems to be designed to get the audience to really take a dislike to him. Which is fine, only Takaya did not reckon on the power of Western fans to grab that first impression and encase it in amber, FOREVER. Hiro’s past, in comparison to the other Zodiac, is not as traumatic, he’s a male tsundere (which usually gets you a severe backlash in North America), and worst of all, he’s too young to be a sexy bishonen, and thus have all his sins forgiven because OH SO HOT. Therefore Hiro tends to get some flack.

I’m tempted to stretch out the feast just to inspire Sean to go through the whole Zodiac.

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