Fruits Basket MMF: Tuesday links

As I was contemplating the engrossing qualities of Momiji Sohma, Sean (A Case Suitable for Treatment) Gaffney was examining my other favorite member of that cursed clan, Shigure:

He’s the character I keep coming back to even now, the little thorn in the side of the entire storyline, trying to free people from the bonds they have with their God by cutting into their flesh until they squirm free in their agony. He’s a manipulator, and you’d swear he finds people’s emotional pain amusing. The anime, sadly, never got to the point in the story where this really comes out, so we mostly just see him there as the goofy ‘yay, high school girls!’ guy who occasionally gives Tohru sage advice. No one who finishes the manga is left with that impression.

And over at Manga Power, Aaron makes a point I can heartily second:

It’s examples like this that remind me why I read Manga when I’m feeling bummed out because I have had to suffer through some fan service harem nonsense or some blood drenched ultra violence or I find myself raging against the heavens as to why we got nine(!!) volumes of Black Bird. I pick this series up again and again my faith in Manga is restored.

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