MMF: More Minekura

There isn’t really a shortage of Kazuya Minekura manga available in English. In addition to the six existing volumes of Wild Adapter, Tokyopop also published the one-volume Bus Gamer, the nine-volume Saiyuki and nine of the ten volumes of Saiyuki Reload. While everyone’s first concern for Minekura is obviously a complete recovery from what sounds like a terrifying illness, greed is part and parcel of fandom, especially when you find out things like this exist.

That is the cover from the first volume of Shiritsu Araiso Koutou Gakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu, or Araiso Private School Student Council Executive Committee, a two-volume series published in Tokuma Shoten’s Chara. Fans of Wild Adapter will recognize the twosome on the cover.

Yes, this series features an alternate-universe version of the boys who keep the peace at their school by what sound like any means necessary. It cannot possibly be as good as Wild Adapter, I don’t think, but seeing Kubota and Tokito under any circumstances would be a total delight. And they’re pretty damned funny in Wild Adapter, so seeing them play pure comedy is a very enticing prospect.

And these covers rock hard.




  1. AGREED.

  2. I would love to see this one licensed. I’m a huge fan of Wild Adapter and the two main characters, so more Kubota and Tokito is always great.

    Other Minekura’s works I would love to see licensed are Saiyuki Gaiden and the final, tenth volume of Saiyuki Reload.

    • Miss Smilla says:

      If you’re sufficiently obsessive to resort to imports to get your hands on hard copy, Chuang Yi Publishing has the Singapore license for Saiyuki Reload, and they print both Chinese and English editions. (Alas, they don’t seem to have rights to Saiyuki Gaiden or any of Minekura’s other series except for WA…what I wouldn’t give for Gaiden in English!)

  3. I saw the anime adaption for this and it was rather . . . unique. It was kinda like CLAMP School Detectives except with Kubo and Toki. . . that said, I want the manga. Like Burning.

    Oh, and while they’re at it, license Stigma. It’s seems to be the only thing by her that’s completed and not shounen-ai.

    @Noura I feel the same on Reload and Gaiden. They published everything but the last volume! It’s soooo unfair. I would have been just as mad if Fruits Basket volume 23 never got published. And Gaiden was amazing. I cried when I read the end. And it made me cry when I reread Saiyuki volume 1, which was by no means a spectatcular volume. It’s just that important to the story.


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