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While revisiting Kazuya Minekura’s Wild Adapter (Tokyopop) for the upcoming Manga Moveable Feast, I’m reminded that it’s simply one of the sexiest manga I’ve ever read. The visual style, the design and conception of characters, the plot and pacing… everything about it is just cool. It’s a sleek, remorseless predator of a comic.

So I’m curious: what, in your opinions, are some of the sexiest comics you’ve read? I don’t necessarily mean books that contain a lot of sexual content. Manga Sutra (Tokyopop) is one of the least sexy comics I’ve ever read, for example. But what series have you found that have given off that vibe?



  1. Sensual Phrase comes immediately to mind. It’s soapy and unrealistic, but boy does it get inside that teen passion.

  2. Bride of the Water God oozes with that feeling. The artwork is gorgeous, and I would definitely call it sexy.

    Ooku The Inner Chambers. Beautiful men in gorgeous period clothing. Fumi Yoshinaga’s absolutely lovely line work. I’d say it’s an incredibly sensual manga.

  3. Hehe, I like this question!

    Ash Lynx from Banana Fish is an incredibly sexy character to me, he oozes brains (meaning both his intellect and the brains of those he shoots square in the forehead), has some nice poses (moreso in the artbook, which I do happen to have a copy of), and of course that skill with the gun! However, he is forever Eiji’s, which totally tones him down for me.

    Firefighter Daigo makes firefighting a damn sexy thing for me. I never wanted to be a firefighter when I was growing up, it’s not exactly a girl thing, but now I’m really tempted to go back and rewrite my childhood to say that yes, I wanted to be one because they are just so damn awesome. Firefighte rDaigo pretty much romanticized firefighting for me.

    This isn’t exactly a manga, but a manga publishing company: Vertical. Seriously, I don’t think I have to point out the sheer amount of Tezuka they’ve brought over here and plan to bring over in the future! But wait, there’s more! We also got Twin Spica, Peepo Choo, and To Terra! And they’ve just license rescued some GTO! It’s like every single press release makes Ed Chavez the sexiest man in the industry even moreso to me! Vertical is allowed to have my first born child at this point, you don’t usually promise that away so quickly, but Vertical is a sexy sexy company.

    • Thanks… And call me. (lolz)

      Seriously though if everything works out by otakon we should have some more sexy titles to announce. At least one is red hot.

      • Oooh, I’m going to Otakon! I presume Vertical is having another press release panel this year? Do you know when and where it is yet? If it’s on Friday again in the early afternoon again, I need to get down there earlier because I missed the first half of the last one.

  4. Breaking away from manga for a bit, Ménage à 3 is a pretty sexy webcomic – http://www.menagea3.net/ – there is a lot of sexual content, but the comic is both funny and sassy, and it treats all sexual preferences with respect (which is pretty sexy, in my opinion).

  5. I guess it kind of depends how I think about the question. Sexy can manifest itself in a lot of forms. The cool sexy you describe in your post is something I’d never really thought about a manga until I just started reading Wild Adapter this past week. I’d been too timid to try any yaoi until now, but the subtle romantic elements in Wild Adapter are incredibly sexy and all the characters just ooze cool in everything they do. The only time a manga has evoked similar feelings from me were in some of the steamy homoerotic undertones of the mysterious/cool Fai and Kurogane in Tsusbasa Reservoir Chronicles.

    I find many of CLAMP’s drawings of Chi in Chobits to be really sexy. I love the way they draw panels with her hair and dress flowing in gorgeous curves all over the place. I don’t find Chi or the manga Chobits itself to be all that sexy, but CLAMP’s flowing drawings are incredibly so.

    I’d say the sexiest female I’ve seen in a manga yet is probably Alita from Battle Angel Alita. She’s totally strong, badass, and has a pretty good sense of justice but at the same time she is flawed and delicate and human. And her “octopus lips” are totally adorable.

    Probably the only manga I’ve read that was sexy in the more traditional fanservice kind of way is Rosario + Vampire and I’d say it was pretty successful throughout the first season, but Season II is too boring to be sexy.

  6. Have you tired Nanae Chrono’s Vassalord? Whoa, that manga is evilly, kinkily, sweetly, violently, good-naturedly, amusingly, stylishly smoking smoking hot. And without a single panel of explicit sex.

    Unfortunately, it’s massively confusing and sometimes kind of stupid too. And there’s a little piece of me saying maybe Johnny (one of the two protagonists) could come off as containing offensive stereotyped elements at first? (I’m not sure- he presents as kind of a brainless slutty gay playboy type at first, but it’s clearly a front for a serious, well-rounded character as the story goes on).

    It’s gotten decidedly mixed reviews, so I guess it must not be to everyone’s taste. But the protagonist’s relationship is so sweet, and the art is just so gorgeously sexy, and Chrono messes with so many overly-serious cliches with such a light touch that the flaws are easy to forgive (or at least they are for me). And man oh man, it’s hot.


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