The Josei Alphabet: T

“T” is for…

Tamashii no Futago, written and illustrated by Mitsuzaku Mihara, originally serialized in Shodensha’s Feel Young, two volumes. One of Tokyopop’s most focused efforts in publishing josei centered around Mihara’s works like The Embalmer and others. Here’s another Mihara title featuring two ghosts and the people who can see them.

Teke Teke Rendezvous, written and illustrated by George (A Perfect Day for Love Letters) Asakura, originally serialized in Shodensha’s Zipper, two volumes. The aggressive exterior of agricultural student Tayoko masks a novice in the ways of love. She’s working her way through school in a hostess club, so that should help out with the experience shortage.

Ten no Hate Chi no Kagiri, written and illustrated by Waki Yamato, originally serialized in Kodansha’s mimi, one volume. I note this tale of a poetess and seer wooed from a life of celibacy and service by rival princes not so much because it sounds particularly interesting but because its creator seems overdue for introduction to English-language audiences. Yamato is quite prolific, and it seems unfortunate that none of her work is available in print and in English.

Tenpari Ninpu no Shussan Icchokusen! written and illustrated by Tomoko Tamiya, originally published by Futubasha, one volume. This comic was developed to help women overcome their fear of childbirth and to give them strategies to help them enjoy pregnancy. Do you find that cover comforting? I think it looks like something by Junko Mizuno.

Tokyo Girls Bravo, written and illustrated by Kyoko (Helter Skelter) Okazaki, originally serialized in Takarajimsha’s CUTIE, two volumes, published in French by Casterman: A girl from the sticks finally gets the chance to live in Tokyo and fulfill her punk-rock dreams, but obstacles are thrown in her path by her conservative family. Every version of the covers for this book that I’ve seen is absolutely awesome.

Licensed josei:

  • Tomie, written and illustrated by Junji Ito, originally published by Asahi Sonorama, published in English by Comics One and Dark Horse, two volumes.
  • Tramps Like Us, written and illustrated by Yayoi Ogawa, originally serialized in Kodansha’s Kiss, published in English by Tokyopop, 14 volumes.

What starts with “T” in your josei alphabet?