Boys’ love blind date June 2011

Gather ‘round, and help me ponder the boys’-love titles in the June 2011 edition of Diamond’s Previews catalog! How else can I separate the men from the bores?

Private Teacher! vol. 1, written and illustrated by Yuu Moegi: Not only is the schoolwork so confusing that Rintarou needs a private tutor, but the maelstrom of emotions he feels when spending time with Kaede-san is weirdly unsettling. But when Kaede-san decides to reward unsatisfactory progress with some unusual punishment, Rintarou figures out that what he is feeling is love. But what about Kaede? Does he love Rintarou or is he just a perverted sadist? Juné Manga proudly presents the first volume of the popular manga by Yuu Moegi in her English language debut!

Sounds kinky, which may mitigate the likelihood of high-school boy dullness, but it could cross over into creepy town. It originally ran in Core Magazine’s Drap.

Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf, written and illustrated by Ahiru Haruno: When a tsundere wolf finds an adorable kitten, he thinks he has found the perfect wife candidate to bring up. But when it reaches adulthood, it is not only male, but rather unexpectedly is a huge Bengal tiger. The wildly popular comedy fantasy story now in English for the very first time.

That description is barely coherent, which doesn’t raise my hopes very high. Also, I’m not remotely keen on anthropomorphic boys’ love or stories with a pet construct, so you would have to sell this one very, very hard. It originally ran in Houbunsha’s Hanaoto.

Only Serious about You, written and illustrated by Kai Asou: Yoshioka is a regular at Oosawa’s workplace, and always seems to be bringing in yet another boyfriend that he wants to introduce the good food to. As a single parent, Oosawa works very hard and doesn’t have time to make many close friends, or even consider dating. But when his beloved daughter Mizu falls ill and Yoshioka offers his help, Oosawa finds he must accept this frivolous seeming person’s outstretched hand. Sometimes, people are not quite what they seem, as Oosawa discovers – a tender romance story of a single father, a lonely businessman, and the child who brings them together.

Okay, I should probably disqualify this one, because the description tracks so closely with my tastes that I’m 95% likely to just order it no matter what the consensus declares. Grown-ups with jobs and complicate personal lives! It originally ran in Houbunsha’s CitaCita.

I was going to include Seven Days: Friday – Sunday, written by Venio Tachibana and illustrated by Rihito Takarai, but it’s just a sequel to Seven Days: Monday – Thursday, which I haven’t read. They have really nice covers, though. Moving on to the 801 smut!

A Fallen Saint’s Kiss, written and illustrated by You Higashino: When high school teacher Okano is molested on the train on his way to school, the last thing he wanted was for his shame to be witnessed by anyone. But one of his students not only witnessed it, but decided to use the incident to blackmail his teacher! Threatened with exposure, Okano must submit to Tokiwa’s perverted will or have his shameful secret exposed.

Well, take that, Private Teacher! I’m not entirely sure what that pink thing is that’s strapped to the teacher’s thigh, and I’m not entirely sure I want to know. On the other hand, I do like making the comic shop clerks uncomfortable. It was originally published by Taiyo Tosho.

That’s certainly a range of options, isn’t it? What say you?


  1. Um… yeah, Only Serious About You. There’s really no contest, as you noted.

    If you disqualify it, then the Fallen Saint thing, because LOL.

  2. I vote Only Serious About You as well, but seeing as that one is super obvious I’ll cast a second vote for Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf, because it sounds dumb enough to either fall into the realm of so-bad-its-good, or at least be funny to read about.

  3. Since you’ll be getting Only Serious About You anyway I’ll vote for Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf. It sounds so stupid that it might actually be funny.

    You really should read Seven Days. It’s only two volumes and worth every penny. I can’t wait for the second one myself.

  4. The one I think you would enjoy: Only Serious About You. Actually, I think I may be adding that to my list of things to get.

    If you choose to disqualify that one: Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf. That one sounds least likely to be creepy. It might even work out, if it comes across as good campy fun.

  5. Only Serious about You. I love stories about guys with kids, and I’m very much looking forwards to this one. Aside from that, I highly recommend the Seven Days duology. The pacing makes continental drift look snappy, and the plot can be summed up in its entirety as “high school boys develop crushes on each other but can’t confess their feelings because they each think the other guy is straight”, but it is nonetheless excellent.

    • David Welsh says:

      I’ll keep Seven Days in mind the next time I do an Amazon order. Thanks to you, Kris and Rij for the recommendations!

  6. “I’m not entirely sure what that pink thing is that’s strapped to the teacher’s thigh, and I’m not entirely sure I want to know.”

    It’s a vibrator. The vibrating piece is, I assume, up his butt. The thing on his thigh controls the speed.

    Anyway…I think you should pick up Seven Days. Get the first one, and then preorder the next. I really enjoyed it, myself. It’s a good bet.

    • David Welsh says:

      Gay men never get festive vibrator designs. They all look like something you’d buy at a building supply store.

      • I”m going to go ahead and assume the creator may never have seen a gay man’s vibrator, and chose a female design. Because it looks like it’s modeled after some specific ones.
        So there.

    • The remote-controlled vibrator is ubiquitous in Japanese animated/drawn porn. (Maybe in live-action (Japanese and not) porn, too, for all I know, but I have more familiarity with animated stuff and it’s one of those things that is just everywhere.)

  7. Incidentally, the pink thing is the controller for an egg-type vibrator. I’m not on board with the You Higashino wave; aside from being utterly filthy, her (or possibly his) books have no other redeeming features whatsoever.

  8. Only Serious About You sounds decent, so i will go with that. Back up vote to Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf. To echo the above – doesn’t sound creepy, and you would probably have fun writing the review. I am also going to fourth (or fifth) the recommndation for Seven Days.

  9. This month I’ve actually read all your choices except Mr Tiger and Mr Wolf.

    I love Only Serious About You. It’s sweet, mature overall, the drawing is beautiful, the love story has a nice slow, natural pacing, and both characters’ relationships with Oosawa’s daughter are wonderful. Plus as you noticed, the characters are adults! With jobs!

    On the negative side, I think I recall you saying you’re not big on the gay guy/straight guy trope, which Only Serious About You is an example of. And as is often the case in those stories, the dialogue in the sex scenes is (imo) immensely stupid. But then dialogue in sex scenes is almost always stupid anyhow. And it avoids most of the really offensive stock straight-guy phrases and actually even deals a little at least with RL issues, like being worried how the relationship will affect Oosawa’s custody issues.


    The two teacher/student manga are both creepy and terrible. And A Fallen Saint’s Kiss gets my special seal of disapproval because it’s not even pretty. But I almost want to buy one just to see how the publishing company got around one of the characters in both of these tales of sadism = love being underage in the Japanese version.

    Also, about the pink thing: what Kris said. Maybe the mangaka wanted to write her own electrical assistant off on her taxes.


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