The Josei Alphabet: Q

“Q” is for…

… not very much at all, but there is one title that sounds potentially awesome.

QB Karin – Keishichou Tokushu SP-ban, written and illustrated by Yuriko Nishiyama, currently serialized in Kodansha’s Kiss. A female police inspector leads an elite squad of hunks tasked with protecting very important female persons. Nishiyama also created the well-liked Dragon Voice and long-running street basketball saga Harlem Beat, both of which were partially published by Tokyopop. (The fate of Dragon Voice was particularly cruel, as it stopped just one volume short of completion.) In other words, Nishiyama has suffered from what Kate Dacey might call the Ai Morinaga Syndrome. She could use some luck, and perhaps this enticing-sounding mash-up could be the solution. Here’s the Kiss site for the series.

What starts with “Q” in your josei alphabet?