Readers’ choices

Deb (About.Com) Aoki has announced the winners of the 2011 Manga Readers’ Choice Awards, with top honors going to the intermittently (possibly accidentally) fascinating Bakuman (Viz). I personally think Mitsuru Adachi’s Cross Game (Viz) is better in every meaningful particular, which just means that not enough people are reading Cross Game. Bakuman also beat Cross Game in the shônen category.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the first volume of Dengeki Daisy (Viz), but its win in the shôjo category makes me wonder if I should give it a second chance. The second– and third-place nominees are spectacular, so maybe I judged Daisy too quickly. It just didn’t grab my attention and seemed like a less ambitious version of The Name of the Flower (CMX) with more text messages.

Much as I love House of Five Leaves (Viz), I actually voted for All My Darling Daughters (Viz) in the best new drama/action category. I happen to think that asking a person to choose between Natsume Ono and Fumi Yoshinaga is kind of cruel.

On the new comedy/slice of life front, my horse (Bunny Drop from Yen Press) won. Strong as the field was, I love Bunny Drop a whole lot. (Only two weeks until the third volume is out!)

I also voted with the majority in the all-ages tourney. I would have been perfectly happy if the second-place finisher had won, though.

What matters most about the results in the international manga category is that the James Patterson Literary Sweatshop came in last. Okay, that’s not true. I’m a big fan of both There’s Something About Sunyool (Netcomics) and Nina (Yôkaiden) Matsumoto, so I’m pleased that they shared the top spot, but I voted for Felipe Smith’s excellent Peepo Choo (Vertical).

I’ve read so little yaoi of recent vintage that I didn’t even vote in that contest. It does give me a start on a to-read list, though.

The winner of the one-shot category is exactly what it should have been.

I’m not a big consumer of supplemental collections or art books, so I cast my vote for AX (Top Shelf) in the anthology or art book category. It didn’t win, but it’s an acquired taste (and a mixed bag), so its loss doesn’t come as a complete surprise.

What are your reactions to the winners?