Quote of the day

Deb (About.Com) Aoki interviews Gary (Fantagraphics) Groth about their new manga initiative:

Q: In my conversations with U.S. manga publishers, most, if not all of the mainstream U.S. manga publishers have said that they are not willing to take a chance on classic manga titles (e.g. published in Japan in the 1960’s, ’70s, ’80s or even early ’90s lately!) anymore. What does Fantagraphics hope to do differently to introduce new readers to the titles you’ll be bringing to the U.S.?

Gary Groth: “Due to my almost complete ignorance of the manga publishing industry and the editorial strictures that guide it, and my pitiful lack of guile in these matters, I was insufficiently aware of how timid and craven our editorial choices should’ve been!”

Ah, that’s just the kind of Grothian commentary I’ve been expecting.

By the way, I’m obviously still linkstalking the story, so point me to your thoughts if I’ve missed them.