Gon, baby, Gon

I usually try and do a run-down of what catches my eye in the latest issue of Diamond’s Previews, and I’ll get to that at some point, but I’ve been stopped cold by the preview pages of Masashi Tanaka’s Gon (CMX). That is some crazy gorgeous illustration going on, even beyond the pure pleasure of seeing a tiny dinosaur riding on the back of a vicious lion as it hunts a wildebeest.

I’m sure CMX will make some preview pages available on-line, because they’d be crazy not to. Here’s some background on Gon’s U.S. publishing history that ICv2 ran about a month ago. At the Casterman site, there are preview pages from each of the eight volumes they’ve published. Last Gasp has some of the Casterman editions available at its on-line store.

Prepare yourselves to be sick of me obsessing over Gon.