Genshiken, Pittsburgh-style

It’s a few days old, but I was pleased to see this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about a high-school anime/manga club:

“Founded in 2002 by 2004 graduate Anna Castore, the club has about 20 members, with about equal numbers of boys and girls, and two sponsors, Assistant Principal Michael Ghilani and Japanese teacher Junko Kapples. Ghilani said the club, which meets every Wednesday, was one of the school’s most active… ‘It is as well-oiled a machine as I’ve seen for any club,’ he said.”

They have a pretty cool web site, too.

It doesn’t surprise me that Upper Saint Clair High School has a club like this. It’s in an incredibly posh community, and the school’s campus is pretty breathtaking. (It’s along the route to one of our favorite Pittsburgh retail zones, and one of us almost always mutters, “Damn, that’s a nice-looking school,” as we drive past.)

Speaking of high schools and manga, I thought the latest volume of Hot Gimmick was due out this week. Why is it nowhere to be found on The List? In fact, I seem to remember dreading a diet of tap water and saltines based on June’s solicitations. Where is everything? Are the publishers waiting until the end of the month to financially crush me in one fell swoop instead of bleeding me over a series of weeks? I need answers!

Oh, and there’s a new Flipped up.